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Our Story.

Language Confidence was started when Nick was teaching English in China in 2016. He was frustrated that his students couldn’t practise speaking at home and get accurate feedback when they could easily get feedback on other aspects of English like spelling and grammar. This is where the idea for LCAT was born: a tool that allowed ‘teacherless’ and accurate speaking practise.


Nick then spent 2 years travelling the world and visiting the world’s largest language education companies and learning about their students. In parallel, he also educated himself on AI and speech recognition and designed LCAT with a team from MIT, Google and Facebook.


The business has seen success and growth since late 2019 by partnering with some of the world’s largest language platforms. Language Confidence’s LCAT is the world’s most powerful AI tool for learning English pronunciation.


Our technology supports multiple accents, delivers the most specific feedback on the market, and natively recognizes over 10,000 most commonly spoken words in English. We help support the world’s top English-language brands.

Our People.

Nicholas Jenkins

Founder and CEO Language Confidence

Language Confidence is Nick’s third startup, with 1 exit and 1 failure. His passion for education stems from a family of educators. Nick has lived in China, Singapore, Malaysia and London and speaks English and intermediate Mandarin. Nick has a TESOL qualification and was an English teacher in China between his second startup and Language Confidence. 

Dr Matthew Faria

CTO and Co-Founder

CTO. PhD University of Melb in AI and Engineering. CMU CS Bachelor. 

Swahn Fraye

VP Engineering, Co-Founder

Bachelor IT, Bachelor Multimedia Griffith University

Advisory Board

Di Yao


Terry Hilsberg

Rob Morris


Herbie Dayal

Ronald Sandler CBE

Tony Ernest

Duncan Campbell

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