Language Confidence

The world's most powerful AI tool for English language pronunciation

  • Jarrad Merlo, Director E2 Language

    "E2Language is a global provider of high-stakes English exam preparation. We decided to switch from another pronunciation evaluations provider to Language Confidence because their product and customer support is superior."

  • Adam McArthur, CEO Literacy Planet

    “We have found the speech recognition capabilities of Language Confidence are best-in-class on the market.”

  • David Haberlah, Chief Product Manager, 3PLearning

    “Language Confidence is at the cutting edge of developing AI solutions for English language education. It has been a privilege working with the team developing creative custom solutions to address specific needs in our world-class EdTech solutions.”

  • Adam Leibrandt, CEO Small Batch Learning

    “Language Confidence has the best technology in the market for English language learners. We are very excited about this partnership as Language Confidence’s technology is forming the technology backbone of one of our core products.“

Phoneme Feedback

Each sound is individually scored for detailed pronunciation feedback. We also offer feedback on words, phrases and even entire sentences.

Assessment of Open-Ended Content

Speak and be understood! Our AI models have been trained on the 10,000 most commonly used words in English to ensure

Support For Different Accents

Specify a North American, Australian or British accent.

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