Galaxy Education Collaborates With Language Confidence  On AI Integration To Improve English Teaching Quality

Galaxy Education and Language Confidence are working together to add AI technology to English courses. This should lead to an online English learning program that improves all four skills, especially speaking.

Mr. Pham Giang Linh, CEO of Galaxy Education, stated at the signing ceremony on February 22, 2023, at the Galaxy Education office in Hanoi: "For foreign languages in general, and English in particular, the weakest Vietnamese people's speaking skills are limited. Speaking skills are primarily practiced in school with teachers, but when they leave the classroom, the majority of them are unable to communicate. Because there aren't as many native teachers and high-level English teachers in remote and isolated places, students' speaking skills aren't as good. This will cost you many opportunities in the future, such as applying for scholarships to study abroad or having difficulty finding good jobs. That is why we focused on ways to improve our students' speaking skills by incorporating AI into English learning programs on ICANCONNECT products.”

Mr. Nicholas Jenkins, founder and CEO of Language Confidence and also a former English teacher, shares the same viewpoint, stating that after leaving the classroom, it's extremely difficult for students to practice spoken English on their own. This desire to help his (now former) students is how Language Confidence was born: Mr Jenkins wanted to help students practise their spoken English, whenever and wherever they want, without the need for a teacher. Language Confidence uses the latest in AI technology to offer 2 API-based products, one for read-aloud assessment, and one for spontaneous speech assessment. The read-aloud assessment focuses on pronunciation, whereas the spontaneous speech assessment focuses on an style assessment similar to IELTS, offering detailed feedback on pronunciation, fluency, spoken grammar and vocabulary.  Language Confidence is excited to bring these products into the Vietnamese market in partnership with Galaxy Education, which is one of the top online education brands in the country's technology sector. 

Currently, the online education market in Vietnam has a number of online teaching units that use AI technology to teach and test English. So, the addition of AI to ICANNECT English courses by Galaxy Education will help students improve all four skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing), especially speaking, at any time and from anywhere, without having to work directly with a teacher. Students can practice pronunciation with words, phrases, simple sentences, compound sentences, and open-ended questions.

Students can quickly improve their speaking skills based on international standards for pronunciation and take the speaking test easily thanks to the automatic recording and grading function of Language Confidence's system, which works with the Oxford international standard dictionary and has an automatic speaking grading feature based on the IELTS speaking test's scoring criteria.

"Developing in a crowded market and constantly striving to improve English ability, as in Vietnam, will boost Language Confidence. We can easily reach millions of students across the S-shaped strip of land. In the future, the two groups will work together more to improve Galaxy Education's software for studying for exams, especially the IELTS.” Mr. Nicholas Jenkins, founder and CEO of Language Confidence, spoke at the signing ceremony.

"We have been successful in completing our goal of creating a top-notch online learning environment that is available to all Vietnamese people. Cooperating with Language Confidence will help Galaxy Education reach this goal faster by giving students a way to improve their English language skills that is both effective and proactive. From there, assist Vietnamese people in becoming more confident in their use of English to approach the world, thereby opening up many opportunities for them in the future." Mr. Pham Giang Linh, CEO of Galaxy Education, elaborated.


About Galaxy Education

In a market with over 200 other companies, Galaxy Education is the most successful Ed-tech startup. The company was founded with the mission of providing opportunities for access to high-quality education, meeting the learning needs of Vietnamese people of all ages across the country, and sticking with students throughout the learning process. Galaxy Education has a full learning ecosystem with products for all ages, from pre-primary school (ICANKID) to general education supplement education (HOCMAI), language competence education (ICANCONNECT), computer programming and thinking (ICANTECH), higher education, and vocational training (FUNiX). Students can also use cutting-edge ways to learn, like pre-recorded lectures, online classes taught by a teacher, and live hybrid online classes. Galaxy Education currently leads the online education market in Vietnam with over 7 million registered users, which is three times more than the second-ranked competitor.

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About Language Confidence

Language Confidence is a company that helps people learn. It uses the AI-first model, which is a strategy that puts AI first. The company's goal is to automate the teaching and testing of English-speaking skills. Language Confidence has a set of APIs (intermediaries) that can be added to courses on websites, mobile devices, and LMSs to make them more useful. This is also the first Australian company to use AI technology to automate learning and test English speaking skills. The company is headquartered in Sydney and has offices in Shanghai (China), Delhi (India), and Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam).

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