The Power of Learning to Speak English

The Power of Learning to Speak English

If you could learn one skill to better your chances of success in life, what would it be? It’s not coding or learning to cook. In fact, it’s learning to speak English!

Indeed, learning to speak English provides great opportunities to individuals looking to travel, immigrants seeking a new job, and business executives wanting to make better deals with their clients.

Why is English Important to Learn as a Second Language?

Due to its widespread cultural impact and versatility, English is the premier language for science, diplomacy, tourism, information technology, aviation, and many other industries. Let’s break down why it’s so important to learn English.

English is THE International Language

English isn’t the most spoken language in the world – that honour belongs to Mandarin. However, English is an international communication and business language. It’s spoken by about 400 million people around the world, meaning odds are that any new friend you make or business partner you strike a deal with will speak some English.

For business owners and executives, English is a useful second language since it allows you to communicate with almost any other enterprise around the globe. In the modern world, businesses must remain agile and participate in the global economy. Anyone wanting to succeed in competitive worldwide markets will need to be fluent in English.

How Can English Help You Study or Get a Job?

English is also important at an individual level. It can help anyone, from students to freelancers to business owners, study at the best universities in the world, many of which are in primarily English-speaking countries like the United States and the UK. Being able to read textbooks and communicate with professors is vital if you want to earn a degree from one of the top 10 universities.

English can also be important for securing employment. As English is the most common second language in the world, anyone who can put that they speak English fluently on their resume will be a more competitive candidate for a job position than someone who can only speak a single language. This is doubly true for higher positions, such as executives or managers.

How Can English Help You Travel?

English can be a great asset when you travel. Although other languages like Mandarin and Hindi may have more native speakers, many of those speakers remain in their home countries rather than traveling abroad.

Indeed, people across Europe, South America, and Asia are more likely to speak English as a second language in addition to their home tongues. You don’t need to know how to speak Swedish, French, or even Spanish – most people who live in Sweden, France, and Spain also know how to speak at least a little English.

English can help you travel safely and effectively by allowing you to ask for directions, explain your goals, and more.

Utilize English Language Tools to Improve English Pronunciation

In the end, learning English is one of the most valuable things one can do. Companies that teach English can provide better experiences and results for their students through focus on pronunciation. Our LCAT tool is speech recognition for learning to speak English (try it here), and we’ve developed this and other innovative tools to help improve the efficiency of learning to speak English. Language Confidence offers a robust collection of English teaching tools for tutors, second language education organizations, and all other English teaching businesses. It features a plethora of valuable AI-driven English pronunciation assessment Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), SDKs, and more. You can get started by signing up today!

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