IELTS Preparation Speaking API

What is our IELTS Prep API? (BETA)

IELTS is the premiere test of English proficiency around the world. We've created an API (Beta) that is able to give student's real-time feedback on all aspects of their spoken IELTS attempts.

Open End Assessment

Learners can speak freely and receive their score, but as the admin, you can set up desired key words or phrases you’d like the student to speak. 

Real-time feedback

The IELTS Prep API offers your students feedback in real-time, only seconds after they submit their attempts. 

We have a demo you can try, but you’ll first need to get in touch with our sales team. 

Comprehensive Analytics

The IELTS Prep API offers students detailed feedback on all the key metrics that are assessed during an IELTS test: pronunciation, fluency and coherence, grammatical range and accuracy, and lexical resource (matching the IELTS rubric here). It also delivers an overall band score, similarly to the IELTS test. 

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