Automated English Test – Speaking and Listening

Automated Speaking and Listening Test

The recognition of someone's English ability is incredibly important for work, immigration or travel purposes. We've leveraged the power of our LCAT AI to create a fully automated speaking and listening test. The test has the following features and benefits:

Multiple Skills Assessed

Our automated test contains 6 question types to assess speaking and listening skills: long open-ended questions, short open-ended questions, read the sentence, speak the word, listen & repeat and listen and write (type). 

PTE, IELTS, TOEFL Mock Tests & More

You can use our test as a mock speaking PTE, IELTS, CEFR, TOEFL test or for your own use case. 

4-Layers of Security

To minimise the chance of any unfair results, we have 4 levels of security for test-takers; ID upload, real-time photo and video recording of the entire test from start to finish. We also pull random questions from the question bank to ensure students cannot rote-learn the test. 

White Label with Your Brand & Colours

Learners can speak freely and receive a pronunciation score. Language Confidence is accurate for the 10,000 most common words in English, and any combination thereof. You can use LCAT for open-ended, free-flowing speech assessment. Ask us how! 

Customisable Test Structure and Length

Inside the admin panel of the test, you can create your custom questions from the 6 question types currently available. You can also customise how many of each question appear in the test to use the test for different scenarios. You can design the test internally or employ our experts to design it for you. 

Comprehensive Analytics

Once the student has finished the test, you can choose to either display the detailed results to them immediately or simply give a thank you page. The results page includes their security details/images, their overall score, total time taken to complete the test and a breakdown of each question’s results. 

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