Automated Pronunciation Assessment API

What is LCAT?

We automate the teaching and testing of spoken English via Pronunciation API. Our API and can plug-in to any online platform and increases your students' learning, engagement and improves the overall user experience. Here is some of the value LCAT provides:

Detailed Scoring

LCAT’s AI provides automated pronunciation assessment. It provides a score for whole sentences, individual words and individual sounds (phonemes). The score is how easily you would be understood by a native speaker; the higher the score, the better your pronunciation. 

Adjustable Scoring

LCAT is being used by students as young as 6 years old. We built an SDK to allow adjustment of scoring difficulty so LCAT can cater for all demographics. 

Closed End Assessment

Ask learners to speak specified words, phrases, or sentences, or ask them to supply their own text. Language Confidence then evaluates speech against the supplied text.

Open End Assessment

Learners can speak freely and receive a pronunciation score. Language Confidence is accurate for the 10,000 most common words in English, and any combination thereof. You can use LCAT for open-ended, free-flowing speech assessment. Ask us how! 

Support for Accents

We currently offer a general accented (US, UK and Aus) assessment. We will soon offer a UK and US-specific accented models as well.  

Comprehensive Analytics

There are many use-cases for our LCAT AI, but the creation of personalised learning and reports for stakeholders, are among the most popular uses for the data produced. The AI is able to decipher which sounds are missing, which sounds are wrong, and if so, what sounds they were replaced with. 

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